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Date:   February 6th, 2020

Position Title: Counselor/Registrar

Location:  White Deer ISD

Salary Range:  Local Pay Schedule

Length of Work Year: 11 months


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of counseling procedures, student appraisal, and career development

Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

Ability to instruct and manage student behavior



10 years of successful teaching experience


Major responsibilities and duties:

  1. Coordinate, present, and facilitate with teachers social/emotional learning in TIER I instruction.
  2. Provide small group guidance (TIER II) to help students cope effectively with personal, behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and family concerns.
  3. Provide individual counseling (TIER III) to help students cope effectively with personal, behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and family concerns.
  4. Attend ongoing professional development to stay current on counseling topics and community resources.
  5. Assist in de-escalation strategies of students with behavioral/emotional episodes.
  6. Develop and implement proactive counseling for students with behavioral/emotional episodes.
  7. Assist teachers and staff in implementing universal social/emotional learning.
  8. Provide small group instruction/counseling in social skills and school appropriate behavior.
  9. Implement strategies for individual students.
  10. Attend meetings to develop behavior interventions for individual students.
  11. Collaborate with other school personnel when dealing with behavior and emotional needs.
  12. Serve on the campus mental health crisis team.
  13. Participate in campus core teams (ie. PBIS, PLCs, etc.).  
  14. Make appropriate referrals for mental health services (ie. S&FA, counseling, doctors, etc.)
  15. Attends ongoing training in Mental Health and Social/Emotional awareness.
  16. Facilitate Drug Awareness program on campus.
  17. Assist with orientation and tour programs at various levels as appropriate. (ie. new students/all levels)
  18. Perform other duties as assigned by the campus principal.
  • Position Type: Full-time

 Job Category: Student Services > School/Guidance Counselor/Registrar



Contact Information:           

Dane Richardson

PO Box 517

White Deer, Texas 79097


Phone: 806-883-2311 Ext 4