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White Deer ISD Superintendent Search

WHITE DEER Independent School District

Superintendent Search

Consultant Information: Region 16 will be assisting the White Deer ISD Board of Trustees with the search process.

Search Consultants are:

Ray Cogburn, Executive Director, Region 16 ESC


  The White Deer ISD Board of Trustees is very proud of the students at White Deer ISD. The White Deer Independent School District was established in 1919        Today, still with the same innovative spirit, we continue to be dedicated to excellence in education as we serve the needs of our students.

Location: White Deer has a population of approximately 980 and is located in the Texas Panhandle 58 miles northeast of Amarilllo in Carson county with a small portion of the district in Gray County.  White Deer is known as “Buck Country”.

Our physical address is: 601 Omohundro, White Deer, Tx., 79097.  The school phone number is 806-883-2311.



Spanning over 259 square miles, the district serves the educational needs of over 356 children and their families. Teaching begins for children as young as 4 years old in the Pre-K program and continues for students through the twelfth grade. Student and school patrons benefit from a wide range of educational services and programs. From the regular educational programs to those designed for special populations, our goal is to provide learning opportunities that will maximize the potential for all children to be successful. These include programs in special education, gifted and talented, and special language instruction. The district also offers educational programs to meet the needs of 'at-risk' students which includes not only small classes and instructional modifications, but also a strong parental involvement component that links the school and the home in a common effort and goal.

The school system employs over 66 employees. Over half of them are professional administrators or teaching practitioners while the rest are support staff personnel, all dedicated to student excellence and academic achievement. 

The District students, Board, administration, teachers, and support staff, in partnership with the parents and communities of Skellytown and White Deer, shall provide and accept quality instruction and exemplary role modeling so that all students achieve their academic potential and assume their roles as productive citizens in our society. Each individual in the District shall share the responsibility for accomplishing these goals in order to enhance the lives of the communities, families, and the nation.



  • White Deer Elementary         Grades PK-6                            215 students
  • White Deer High School        Grades 9-12                            151 students



  • Student Population:  15.8% Hispanic;  82.8% White; .3% Asian; .3% Native American
  • Eco. Dis. 47.5%;  LEP .3%
  • Student  to Teacher Ratio – 11/1
  • Average Teacher Experience – 12 years
  • Average Teacher Salary - $43,799




  • Community Population-1,787
  • District Enrollment-356
  • Median Family Income-$68,900
  • Average Temperature-72* F


Candidate Profile

White Deer ISD is searching for a superintendent with the following qualifications: The district seeks a candidate who has:

  1. A valid Texas Superintendent Certification
  2. At least three years classroom teaching experience in a core content area, and principal experience,  central office experience, or superintendent experience.
  3. A strong knowledge of budgeting and public school finance. Can speak knowledgeably on general aspects of school district budgeting and knows where to go for advice and assistance.
  4. Experience in the Maintenance and Operations of facilities, can review a budget printout, identify irregularities, suggest changes and recommend options to restore financial stability.  Can identify programs for increased funding and/or budget cuts. 
  5. Demonstrated strong skills in educational leadership in respect to unitingand motivating staff, parents and community in the pursuit of student achievement.
  6. A strong background in student performance success, House Bill 3 implementation, educational technology and vocational programs and can verbalize the role that the superintendent must play in this entire process.   Experience in developing strong UIL academic and athletic success is also preferred.
  7. Experience working with all students, including economically disadvantaged students and ELL students.  Can describe a process for developing and utilizing curriculum and assessment that is consistent with reform requirements at the local/state/national levels.
  8. Integrity and exemplary moral character along with excellent people skills.  Visible throughout the district on campuses.  Possesses skill set unite staff and build trust amoung staff and community.
  9. Highly skilled and willing to work with the public and press.
  10. A strong desire to be a part of the community and the willingness to be present at extra-curricular and community events.  Residence inside the district is required,
  11. The desire and ability to motivate staff and students, bolstering morale and generating enthusiasm.  Successfully establishes, delegates, and maintains authority holding staff and management accountable.  Has demonstrated skill in supervising employees at all levels including goals, evaluations, and growth.  Exemplifies the components of effective personnel policies, procedures, and practices.
  12. A person that can make change and buck the status quo of this is the way we have always done things.  Recognizes situations that call for independent judgment and quick thinking and has a willingness to react positively.
  13. Open communication with the Board, the administration, faculty, staff, and community.  Provides options and recommendations for the board president and board as a whole and accepts/implements directives from the board.
  14. Knows procedures for assessing and improving district operations in all support service areas.
  15. Develop and recommend to the Board long-range plans regarding population trends, student/community needs, and the appropriate use of District facilities. Knows the steps involved in planning new or remodeled facilities and/or dealing with school construction.
  16. High expectations for White Deer ISD students, faculty, and staff, and the desire to take a great school and make it even better.

How to Apply:

Applicants should submit a hard copy packet with a letter of interest and resume that includes a complete work history, educational background, a listing of all relevant certifications, a complete transcript, and a minimum of six (6) references. References should include addresses, job description, and a daytime or cell phone number.


Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience and success.

Travel, benefits and contract are commensurate with regional ranges.

Moving Expenses: Reasonable moving expenses may be negotiated.

Application packets should be mailed to:

Region 16 ESC

Attn: Ray Cogburn

5800 South Bell Street

Amarillo, Tx. 79109

Phone: 806.677.5075


All inquiries should be directed to Ray Cogburn.









 timeline for WHITE DEER ISD Superintendent Search

(All dates other than Application Deadline are approximates)




Post Position for Superintendent: 4-22-20


  • April 22, 2020                                 Superintendent Opening Posted
  • May 22, 2020                                  Final Day for Applications
  • May 25, 2020                      Board Meeting to Select Top Candidates
  • May 26-27, 2020                            First Round Interviews
  • May 28, 29, 2020                           Second Round Interviews
  • May 28, 2020                                  Lone Finalist Named
  • June 19, 2020                                  Hire New Superintendent
  • July 1, 2020                                     Start Date (Negotiable)


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