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Welcome to White Deer ISD

White Deer ISD Communities will work in partnership to create high expectations of academic and extracurricular success through exemplary and unique opportunities for all students. Each individual in our communities shall share the responsibility for cultivating confident, compassionate, successful leaders honoring the White Deer ISD legacy.






White Deer ISD Tornado Shelter 

We are committed to providing a safe haven for our community during extreme weather situations.  This shelter, known as the White Deer Junior High, is located at 607 South Doucette, White Deer, Texas.  

This shelter can provide safety for up to 150 people comfortably and several more if needed. White Deer ISD officials will communicate with local emergency personnel as needed. 

You may enter the White Deer JH Building by either entrance, but the entrance on the Northeast corner of the building is closest to the rooms designated as F5 tornado shelters.  There are three classrooms on the east side of the JH building that have the F5 rating (Classrooms 105, 106, and 107). 

This tornado shelter will be opened when any tornadic weather conditions are present in our immediate or surrounding area.  School officials will be present to operate the facility.