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Epson Projector

Here are some important things to check when using your EPSON projector.



Issue:   When I dock my laptop, the screen on the laptop goes black and I can only see my desktop at the projected image or my video plays on my monitor and not the projected image?


Solution:  Select the "Windows" key and the "P" to open the window to adjust the settings.  Or go to start, programs, and "Connect to a Projector".  Once there

SELECT:   DUPLICATE and your monitor and your projector should display the same image.



Issue:  My sound comes out the projector and not the classroom speakers?


Solution:  Go to control Panel and select SOUND and change the default to be SPEAKERS and not EPSON.  





Issue:   My display on my laptop monitor is not covering the entire screen?  

Solution:  Right click on the desktop and change the screen resolution settings to be:


Resolution:  1366 x 768 

Display:       1/2 Multiple Monitors

Orientation:  Landscape

Multiple Displays:  Duplicate these displays.