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Using the Epson Projector

Here are some important things to check when using your EPSON projector.



Issue:   When I dock my laptop, the screen on the laptop goes black and I can only see my desktop at the projected image or my video plays on my monitor and not the projected image?

Solution:  Select the "Windows" key and the "P" to open the window to adjust the settings.  Or go to start, programs, and "Connect to a Projector".  Once there

SELECT:   DUPLICATE and your monitor and your projector should display the same image.



Issue:  My sound comes out of the projector and not the classroom speakers?


Solution:  Go to Control Panel and select SOUND and change the default to be SPEAKERS and not EPSON.  



Issue:   My display on my laptop monitor is not covering the entire screen?  

Solution:  Right click on the desktop and change the screen resolution settings to be:


Resolution:  1366 x 768 

Display:       1/2 Multiple Monitors

Orientation:  Landscape

Multiple Displays:  Duplicate these displays.



Prolonging the Life of your Projector:

Power off when not in use.

Power off when Electrical Issues are Expected.

Clean the Filter

Light Status

Lamp Replacement




To learn more about your Epson 595 Wi Interactive projector, check youtube for step by step videos on how to use your Epson Projector.   New videos are posted often.