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Distance Learning Resources

Videos and additonal Resources 

*Resources are from various different websites and schools.


Google for Education – Teacher Guide

Google HANGOUTS (Can just chat with students)

Google MEET (Google Classroom/Share your screen and chat with students)


GOOGLE Classroom – How to add a document  (upload all docs into GOOGLE DRIVE before you begin)

GOOGLE CLASSROOM – Google Classroom Support and Resources 

GOOGLE Meet for Phone Conferences (No computer required)

GOOGLE Meet for Video Conferences 

GOOGLE Meet for Live Streaming

ZOOM (Present and Join Meetings)
ZOOM (How to Teach Using Zoom)

ZOOM (Tips & Tricks:Teachers Educating on Zoom)

ZOOM (Zoom Guide for Teachers/Educators)

LEAD4WARD – school@home

GOOGLE Fundamentals 

Teacher Webpage Tutorial (***Username is firstinitiallastname if you forgot password, select Forgot Password link at login screen)

FLIPGRID – (How to Teach Remotely using Flipgrid)

FLIPGRID – (Create Video Assignments)

FLIPGRID – (How to for Students)

FLIPGRID – (How to for Teachers)

Record  – How to record in 6 min or less

RECORD with WINDOWS 10  (Teachers with Windows 10 can use this Record Option)

RECORD with Screen Record (Use Iphone, Ipad etc.)

HOVERCAM – (Record Lessons using your document camera) (Bichsel, Henderson, Radke JH, Klink, do have this camera)

Region 16 Resources (How to use Google Classroom and numerous Resources for all grade levels)

Region 10 Resources

EDUHERO Google Classroom Course (Login and watch video)

When building a Distance Learning classroom...Keep in mind it’s best to upload all documents into Google Drive for easy access once you begin recording.  Categorize into separate Folders by Lesson etc.  If you are not using Google Drive, Powerpoint is another option to place info and easily record advancing each slide, etc.

Additional Resources:


RAZ Kids – Reading Books

Teaching Resources for all Grades

Non-Tech Resources 

Website Resources

Understanding Google Classroom – Resource for Parents