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Accidental Insurance for All Students

Posted Date: 09/27/2022

Accidental Insurance for All Students

Texas Kids First - Accident-Only Student Insurance

In July, the WDISD Board of Trustees took action to purchase Accident-Only student insurance coverage for all students enrolled in school at White Deer ISD grades Pre-K thru 12, including athletics and football.  The insurance-Texas Kids First is provided through Unified Life Insurance Company.  


THIS IS A CHANGE BECAUSE WDISD HAS NOT DONE THIS IN PREVIOUS YEARS!  The only student accident insurance coverage the District had in past years was student insurance available for parents to purchase through the school. 


Therefore, if any student is injured while on campus or at any school activity off campus, it is important to let the parent/guardian know that the District has insurance coverage on all students and that they will need to go to a campus or district office and get a claim form to take to their medical provider. 


It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to submit a claim form to their medical provider within 90 days of the date of the injury.